For young people, the word "Trap" is no longer strange, but there are people who are still confused about the meaning of this word. So what is the purpose of using the word Trap, to understand it properly and what is the noun Trap boy, trap girl?

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What does trap mean?

“Trap” /træp/: is the English word  meaning trap. This implies that sweet, glamorous things are often dangers to watch out for. In Vietnamese, Trap is pronounced Trap. Trap in the past was a small wooden box used to store jewelry, clothes, etc.

Trap is a genre of music . Trap music originated in the American South. Trap music often combines drums with piano, orchestra, choir, etc.

In addition, Trap is also a word used to describe how to dress. If a boy disguises himself as a girl or dresses like a girl, he is called a Trap. And if a girl dresses like a boy or cuts her hair, looking like a boy is also called a Trap.

What does trap mean? What is a trap girl? What is a trap boy?
What does trap mean?

1. What is a trap boy?

  • Trap boy is a word used to describe men who like to dress up as girls. Even though they are boys and girls, they are extremely beautiful.
  • Trap boys have beautiful looks that are not inferior to any girl and dress beautifully and cutely, so it is easy to make many boys flutter.

In short, Trap boys, who look a lot like women, even extremely beautiful, so no one thinks he is a guy.

Signs to identify a genuine Trap boy:

  • Beautiful appearance: The natural appearance of the Trap Boys is considered a unisex beauty. Along with a feminine makeup style, these guys have beautiful and cute looks, attracting the attention of many boys.
  • Gentle personality: Trap Boy's personality is somewhat like a female: soft, gentle. Some guys even have the ability to speak with a very elegant female voice that makes many men's hearts fall.
  • Feminine fashion style: The fashion style of Trap Boys often does not feel strong and masculine. Their preference is unisex fashion, which is thinner and lighter than other boys. In addition, on social networking platforms, we will often see Trap Boys dressed like women, even extremely sexy to attract a large number of fans with their channel.

2. What is Trap Girl?

In contrast to trap boys, trap girls are tomboys with a strong personality like a real guy. Not only the style of dress, but these girls also act like the boys.

They have personality, not les. The current trap girls are also called by young people as marshals. Some trap girls in Vietnam are loved by many young people, attracting many female fans such as Vu Cat Tuong, Tien Cookie.

Signs to identify genuine Trap Girl:

  • Masculine fashion style: Stylish dresses, feminine jewelry and accessories will never be in the wardrobe of Trap Girls. Instead, they prefer caps, t-shirts, jeans, … or any item that gives the most masculine look. Some Trap Girls even change their long hair, change their makeup style, all to create a very "handsome" and very handsome appearance.
  • Manly gestures and gestures: Trap girls often rarely have feminine and gentle gestures of women. Instead, they are dynamic, strong, personality from gait, way of sitting to voice and manners.
  • Strong personality: Trap Girl rarely shows weakness, they are strong, bold and adventurous. Even, they are always ready to become a solid shoulder for others to rely on. However, because they are also women, they are delicate enough to understand what the other person needs, wants, and feels like.
What does trap mean? What is a trap girl? What is a trap boy?
What does trap mean?

Another meaning of the word Trap

1. Trap in Manga/Anime

If you are a die-hard fan of  manga  or  anime  , you are probably no stranger to this word. Trap is used in these genres to refer to boys who are so similar that people mistake them for girls when looking at them. Because of their cute and beautiful appearance, these people are often flirted by many people, eventually being "fallen in love" because they are still a genuine yeast.

2. Trap in music

Not only in stories, but traps in music are also used very commonly. Trap belongs to the EDM genre, a fairly new electronic music genre characterized by electronic drum beats combined with sound effects and vibrant melodies but still has emotional depth, which has attracted the attention of many people. Many young people love and accept.

Here are some Trap songs that are being loved and have become a musical phenomenon this year:

  • Faded (Osias Trap Remix)
  • Despacito (feat. Justin Bieber) (Muffin Remix)
  • Where are U now (Feat.Justin Bieber)
  • Snap Yo Fingers (Brevis Trap Remix
  • Alive (Tascione Remix)
  • Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes x Cade Remix)
  • Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Crankdat Remix)
  • You Don't Own Me (ft. G-Eazy) (Candyland Remix)

As for Vietnamese music, EDM Trap is a harmonious blend of hip hop, electronic drum beats and catchy sounds. This type of music is not too exciting, not fast, but there are breaks to help listeners easily feel and catch up with the rhythm.

These Vietnamese songs in the Trap genre are very popular with young people:

  • Bong Bong Bang Bang (Nimbia Remix)
  • 365 Daband- Two Fairy (Dance version)[offical]
  • Let me tell you (Hoang Thuy Linh)
  • Thief meets old woman – Hoang Thuy Linh x Binz (VisconC Remix)

3. Trap meaning in love

The meaning of Trap in love is somewhat different.

On social networking platforms , they are guys pretending to be girls or "marshal" girls with attractive looks. They text, chat, and try to win each other's trust. After that, conduct profiteering acts such as fraud , appropriation of property, ... of the victim and finally disappear without a trace.

In ordinary life, they may just be ordinary guys and girls like this age-old concept of men and women. However, they often use words to lure each other into their love. Then, take advantage of the other person's feelings to benefit themselves. And by the time the victim realizes he's been tricked, it's too late.

4. Trap meaning in life

Traps in life appear many. Those who are naive and ignorant will often fall victim to these traps. They use words and actions to capture the victim's psychology to make the victim worship them and follow. But behind that is a conspiracy that no one can guess.

What does trap mean? What is a trap girl? What is a trap boy?
Another meaning of the word Trap

5. Meaning of Trap in the LGBT community

Trap Girl, Trap Boy may or may not be LGBT . Therefore, we should not equate them. Because it's each person's unique personality and style. And that has nothing to do with the gender of the Trap Boy, Trap Girl.

6. Is Trap Boy, Trap Girl good?

"Trap" also has "trap" this "trap" that. Therefore, we cannot equate all Trap Boy, Trap Girl. Basically, they get a lot of attention, and their genderless beauty also brings a lot of value to life. Fashion brands, advertising agencies all yearn for models like them to be able to attract more customers.

In addition, it is brave to dare to live true to your own personality without caring about the criticisms of others. And they have absolutely no personal interests except for living true to themselves, making themselves happy, happy and satisfying their egos.

7. Should Trap Boy, Trap Girl fall in love?

In love , the concept of Trap Girl, Trap Boy often carries a negative concept. This concept shows that boys and girls always use love as a tool for personal gain, and in fact, they do not have any feelings for the other. Therefore, if you love Trap Girls, Trap Boys, you will often suffer a lot of hurt.

However, there are many Trap Boys and Trap Girls who are LGBT. Or it's simply their distinct personalities. In this case, you can completely trust your love. Because this is their true self, not taking advantage of their appearance to take advantage of others.

Therefore, learn carefully about Trap Boys and Trap Girls before actually entering a relationship with them to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering for yourself.

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