What is Manga?

If you are an anime lover, you probably already understand what a Manga is, right? Manga (Japanese: kanji: 漫画, hiragana: まんが, katakana: マンガ, Sino-Vietnamese: manic) is a Japanese phrase that refers to comics and cartoons. When it comes to Manga, people will immediately know that this is a manga from Japan.

What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa? Distinguish 3 types of popular comics today
What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa?

Manga as a solid foundation, creating a strong start for the development of anime later. This type of story has many different colors and forms, from genres for adults to genres for young children. Manga is not only published for entertainment purposes, but it is also a lesson with educational content.

Surely each of us has our own favorite Manga series associated with our childhood, especially those of the 8x, 9x generations. Famous manga that have fascinated many readers can be mentioned such as: One Piece, Conan, Sailor Moon, 7 Dragon Balls, Sacred Dragon Mark, Maruko Kid, Shin Pencil Boy, Doraemon…

What is Manhua?

Manhua is a term used to refer to comic lines published in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. At first, Manhua was known as an art form with the main purpose of describing life through metaphorical methods, transforming images, etc.

What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa? Distinguish 3 types of popular comics today
What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa?

But later, in order to easily transmit and absorb messages or to praise something good, Manhua was gradually developed into vivid paintings, high-value and unique paintings. favorite fake.

Because of its origins in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, etc., Manhua often takes the modern as well as ancient contexts of these lands as the main context. Manhua is not only entertaining stories but it is also a useful medium to help people better understand different aspects of Chinese culture such as lifestyle, clothing or food...

What is Manhwa?

If Manga is a special phrase to refer to comics originating from Japan, Manhua is the word used to refer to a Korean comic book . Manhua is heavily influenced by Japanese comics, so in the beginning, the drawings, presentation and effects of the story are a bit like Manga. However, later with the advent of webtoon (Korean online comics), Manhwa found her own path, her own imprint and gradually created her own school.

What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa? Distinguish 3 types of popular comics today
What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa?

Unlike the typical black and white of Manga, Manhwa series are often more vivid when filled with colors. Manhwa's presentation is also different from Manga when the size of the canvas is large and the white part outside the picture frame is also more redundant. In addition, the Manhwa series often have independent picture boxes or on a single page.

Unlike the typical black and white of manga, manhwa series are often more vivid when filled with colors .

Similarities Between Manga, Manhwa and Manhua

  • All three types of comics use drawings to tell the story, express the content, and develop the story.
  • The narrations and the characters' words are all neatly boxed.
  • There are many works that have very similar strokes and effects but are distinguished because the author and producer are from different countries.
  • In stories, the proportions of the human body are usually correct and similar to that of a real person. However, the proportions of the faces are modified somewhat differently from the real people. For example, we can easily recognize such as the eyes will be larger than usual, the nose and mouth are drawn in a minimal way, the hair is not drawn in detail but depicted in patches and zones, ...

Difference between Manga, Manhwa and Manhua

The following basic differences of Manga, Manhwa and Manhua make it easy for you to distinguish and recognize them:

  Manga Manhwa  Manhua
National production Japan Korea China
Color  Usually black and white, sometimes there will be bonus chapters colored in color. Most of them are fully colored. Comics published are usually in black and white, and online comics are usually in color.
Main method of making money Published chapter by chapter on a regular basis, adapted into live action or anime . Main income through pictures, games, model statues or related games. Make money directly from online webtoon and other sources of income when adapting movies. Make money from published stories and from online story sites.
Painting style 2D variation and simplification style, using line effects to describe actions and effects. Also using 2D variation style, but using more colors to attract viewers. Detailed 2D style with published series. Online comics have minimalistic drawings and are more like Manga.
Content The content is diverse and has strengths in battle stories. Usually has high dramatic elements combined with romantic elements of Korean cinema. Bring content containing Chinese culture.
Background Pretty detailed description Simple description Detailed description
Picture frames The picture frames are just right and they are usually squares that are very close together. Large picture frames usually have only one picture frame per “horizontal line”. The picture frames are moderate and are usually squares arranged very close together.
Patterns of paintings

What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa? Distinguish 3 types of popular comics today


What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa? Distinguish 3 types of popular comics today


What is Manga, Manhua, Manhwa? Distinguish 3 types of popular comics today


Above is information to help you understand what Manga, Manhua, and Manhwa are and how to distinguish 3 popular types of comics. Hope the article will bring useful information to you, please share the article to your friends and relatives to follow along!

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