Earth or Earth (Chinese: 地球, English: Earth), is the third planet from the Sun, and is also the largest planet in the solar system's terrestrial planets in terms of radius, mass and density of matter. Earth, also known as the "blue planet" , is home to millions of species of living things, including humans and to date it is the only place in the universe known to have life.

"What shape is the Earth?" is no longer a new question, because from time immemorial people have had questions about the shape of the place where they live. Therefore, when science has not really discovered this problem, many hypotheses have been made as follows

What shape is the Earth? Discover the secrets of the Earth
What shape is the Earth? 

1. Is the Earth a flat surface?

Several centuries ago, astronomers made predictions about the shape of the Earth as a plane. Because only when it is a plane can people move on it without falling out of the universe. However, it was not until much later that it was assumed that the Earth was round. It's like an orange with the theory put forward that only round planets can cast a circular shadow.

This argument was also quickly disproved, as many argued that if the Earth was round, why didn't everything fall off the surface? So are these assumptions correct? What is the correct answer to the true shape of the most special planet in the solar system .

2. What shape is the Earth?

Thousands of conflicting opinions and studies were discussed. Until Magellan went on a world tour. At the same time, when Colombo discovered and discovered America, all arguments about the Earth as a new plane were completely rejected. Later, when science - technology and engineering developed, the true shape of the Earth was confirmed.

Accordingly, based on the analysis of the positions of satellites in space and intelligent algorithms, humans have really proven the shape of the Earth. All theories of circle, orange, melon, etc. are incorrect.

In fact, our blue planet is a somewhat elongated sphere . Along the two poles to the equator the Earth is compressed in a straight direction, the South and North poles are flattened, but thanks to the gravitational pull of the Earth, humans do not fall off the surface.

What shape is the Earth? Discover the secrets of the Earth
What if the Earth was square?

What if the Earth was square?

As the analysis above, you already know what the Earth looks like, right? The Earth is spherical, so every point on its surface has the same gravitational pull. And now, a hypothesis is raised: If the Earth is like a cube with 6 square faces, will the gravitational force at the locations be changed or not?

  • In the square shape, the water will be attracted towards the center position of each square face. Because, this will be the place closest to the center of the Earth, so there is a large gravitational force. Most of it will be the vast ocean .
  • The outer edge of the squares is dry, everything related to life such as creatures, people, and trees cannot grow.
  • The atmosphere at the tops and corners will be very thin or dead soil that does not exist, does not support life. At the same time, the Earth's climate depends largely on the motion around the axis and the Sun. In a spherical shape, our planet has only one axis, but with a square box, everything becomes complicated.
  • In the case of the Earth's axis piercing through the center of the square, the climate will resemble gas in the form of a sphere. That is, the top and bottom are very cold, covered with snow and ice all year round. The other four sides will be arid because of the hot, dry equatorial climate. However, when going through two opposite peaks, people will not face winter or snowfall.
  • The entire surface of the Earth will receive the illumination of the Sun, at this time there will only be an equatorial and sub-equatorial climate.
  • Gravity in the center of the squares is the same as when the Earth is spherical with 1G. As for the edges, the gravity will be reduced to 0.64G. That means, a person weighing 70kg in the center is only 50kg at the edge.

However, all of the above will only be hypothetical. Because the universe is vast, but the planets always follow the general rule. And the square planet would go against all the laws so that can't happen.

What shape is the Earth? Discover the secrets of the Earth
What if the Earth was square?

Revealing little known facts about the Earth

In fact, everything around us changes and changes every day, every hour. Therefore, the Earth always has mysteries that humans have not been able to discover.

1. A year has more than 365 days

  • Currently, the calendar we are using is calculated based on the rotation around the axis of the Sun. As we all know, a year is determined to have 365 days.
  • However, the exact number that scientists proved is 365.2564 days. The odd part 0.2564 is the basis for forming the leap year cycle . Therefore, February will have 29 days in a leap year.

2. The moon is separated from a part of the Earth

  • Many scientists have shown that the Moon was formed by the collision of the Earth with large objects. It was the collision in outer space that caused a small part of the Earth to split and become the moon as it is now.

3. Earth in the same orbit as the moon and 2 other satellites

  • As astronomers predicted, Earth not only has a moon companion, but it also has two other asteroids with the same orbit. Those two planets are 3753 Cruithne and 2002 AA29, they are partially separated from a meteorite called NEO.
  • Usually, people often call asteroid 3753 Cruithne the name "Second Moon". Although it does not orbit the Earth like the moon, it is because the planet has the same orbit as the Earth.


What shape is the Earth? Discover the secrets of the Earth
Revealing little known facts about the Earth

4. Variation of Earth's magnetic field

  • Since the 19th century, scientists have studied this change. Accordingly, the Earth's magnetic field will begin to move about 600 miles from the Southern Hemisphere towards the Southern Ocean. And so on, over time the speed of the magnetic field moves faster and the speed continues to increase until it reaches its maximum speed.

5. Earth's rotation is slowing down

  • According to the latest reviews, the rotation speed is gradually slowing down. However, this variation is usually so small that we cannot notice it. Specific calculations are said, every 100 years this speed will be reduced by 17 milliseconds. Every 140 million years or so, there will be a situation where there are 25 hours in a day.

6. Earth often has no uniformity in gravity

  • The only planet in the universe where life is identified is spherical. However, it is not a truly perfect sphere. Therefore, the volume is also not uniform.
  • Mass differences often bring about fluctuations that are directly related to gravity in all regions. In fact, Hudson Bay in Canada is noted to have a much lower gravity than other places.
What shape is the Earth? Discover the secrets of the Earth
Revealing little known facts about the Earth

7. The only planet without the names of the gods

As we all know, the planets in the solar system are named after the Roman gods. Eg:

  • Neptune – Neptune
  • Venus – Venus
  • Mercury – Mercury
  • Mars - Mars
  • Jupiter – Jupiter
  • Uranus – Uranus
  • Saturn – Saturn
  • Earth is a special case, when there are no names of the gods.

8. Earth often hides huge amounts of gold

  • According to statistics calculated by scientists, the amount of gold on Earth can cover all surfaces and enough gold to cover a thickness equivalent to 0.49mm.

9. Earth is not actually a "Blue Planet"

  • According to the latest research from the University of Maryland in the US, the Earth used to have a purple color. Until now, the blue color is due to ancient bacteria.
  • Therefore, instead of chlorophyll, they used some other molecule to be able to handle sunlight well. These molecules create purple pigment for bacteria and help the Earth put on its fancy purple coat.

Hopefully, through the above article, it has helped you answer the question of what the Earth is like and the mysteries of the truth of this planet. In essence, the Earth has too many mysteries waiting for humans to discover. 

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