Currently, on social networking sites, media, newspapers or TV shows, people often mention the term LGBT. However, not everyone understands what LGBT is?

What does LGBT stand for? Therefore, in today's article, Reviews365 will go with you to learn more about this term. As well as some LGBT-related terms. Hopefully these shares will help you understand better and no longer wonder when someone mentions LGBT anymore.

What is LGBT?

LGBT is understood as the gay community. LGBT is a place to express the true gender of sexually oriented minorities in society. A place where they can live true to their inner self, where they receive empathy. There is no stigma or discrimination of people, living more in harmony with society.

What is LGBT? What is Les? What is gay? What does LGBT stand for?
What is LGBT?

1. What words does LGBT stand for?

LGBT stands for the words Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. In which Lesbian (commonly known as Les) is a lesbian. Gay means homosexual male. Bisexual means bisexual. And Transgender means transsexual - transgender.

Usually, people's sexual orientation is divided into 3 basic categories such as:

  • heterosexuality
  • Homosexuality
  • Parallel love.

As for gender identity, it is often classified as transgender or non-transgender.

2. LGBT Gender Objects

In fact, before medicine was not as developed as it is today. People of the LGBT community are considered a "mental illness". It sounds a bit too much for the people in this community and during that time they had to live an uncomfortable and uncomfortable life.

But on July 15, 1990, the United Nations declared LGBT is not a mental illness. And consider LGBT as a community of humanity.

What is Les?

As I just said above, Les is a lesbian. That is, women tend to be attracted to women in terms of sex or love. And there are no external characteristics that can distinguish lesbians from other ordinary women.

Hot and negative connotations in Vietnam for homosexual women such as ball, calves, leeches, etc. These are calls that we should not respond to.

What is LGBT? What is Les? What is gay? What does LGBT stand for?
What is Les?

What is gay?

Gay is male homosexuality, used to describe sexual orientation or love between men and men. Men are physically and mentally attracted to other men.

The same is true of the relationship between men and women. Homosexuality also includes emotional vibrations , not just a sexual one. And importantly homosexuality is NOT a disease.

What is Bisex or Bisexual?

Bisexual, also known as bisexual, refers to people who are emotionally and sexually attracted to both men and women. Bisexuals will not be clear about preferring boys or preferring girls because it depends on their hearts and feelings.

What is transgender?

Called Transgender, depicts objects with bodies of this gender. But feel that they are of the other sex. It's like they were born into the wrong body.

Transgender people are often grouped together with Les and Gays to identify those who do not feel they belong to the "straight" gender orientation.

How to know if you belong to the LGBT community or not?

This is a very difficult answer. Because it's not easy to find out if I belong to the LGBT community or not because there is no clear standard.

In fact, many of you have discovered that you have unusual emotional inclinations from a young age. But there are some others who are not so lucky. They must undergo experimentation with love relationships to be able to determine what their true emotional orientation is.

What is LGBT? What is Les? What is gay? What does LGBT stand for?
What is LGBT? What is Les? What is gay? What does LGBT stand for?

Should I reveal to my family and society that I am LGBT?

This is probably a question that many LGBT people of all ages wonder about. There are some parents who have been more open and accepting, but there are also others who do not understand the meaning of the LGBT community, so they will have certain prejudices about LGBT people. If you are not brave enough to reveal your true gender, please seek advice from experts to answer your doubts and make the best decision .

Don't destroy yourself because of being an LGBT. Smash the whole future ahead. Difficulty is to overcome, not let it push you down!

What is the meaning of LGBT community?

It can be said that the LGBT community is a place for people of the 3rd gender to be accepted and accepted as they really are. This community is the greatest demonstration of social inclusion. Live bravely, feel love, sympathy, love from the majority of society.

In fact, the LGBT community in the world is increasingly recognized and treated equally as same-sex marriage. Or live with gay people like in the US, Ireland, Finland, UK, France, etc.

However, in Vietnam, the law on marriage or same-sex marriage has not been recognized. People in the LGBT community can only live together in the form of living together. Currently, Vietnamese society has gradually accepted and stopped discriminating and treating people in the LGBT community more equally.

Thus, the above is the information related to what LGBT is as well as some concepts related to LGBT that we need to know. Equipping yourself with this knowledge is not superfluous.

Because it helps us have a more correct and objective view of the LGBT community. Thank you for your interest in following the article! Hope you have a productive day at work and study!

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