What is 419?

419 is a metaphor for sex, If according to the English reading, 419 is similar to the reading of the phrase For One Night . One night stand means a simple sexual relationship between two people at first meeting.

This relationship is also just to satisfy the physiological needs of both without generating any emotions. After finishing the "deal" that night, the two will not keep any contact with each other. Even many people who fall into this relationship don't even know the other's name.

What is 419? Where does 419 come from?
What is 419? Where does 419 come from?

Where did 419 come from?

Many people often think that 419 is of Chinese origin because this play on words often appears in the love novels of Chinese authors. In China, the number “419” is a slang word for “one night stand” because it is an approximate homophone of “one night” . And that makes April 19 an unofficial "one-night stand" for young Chinese. Maybe on April 19, you will receive a message like this: “419 快乐!” (Congratulations 419!).

However, in fact, 419 is a trend originating from young people in Western countries . They have a high sex drive but are easily bored by having sex with someone for a long time or don't like being tied down in a certain relationship. That's why they look to a one-night stand as a way to satisfy their own needs in one go without any emotional ties at all.

Often, people with symptoms of personality and emotional disorders are more likely to seek one-night stands. Or those who have been cheated or betrayed in love often look for one-night stands.

What is 419? Where does 419 come from?
What is 419? Where does 419 come from?

Is 419 good or bad?

1. What do you get if you choose 419?

  • Satisfy individual physiological needs: Whenever physiological needs arise in the person, 419 is the solution to the rescue. You just need to find a partner on forums or apps to solve this problem;
  • Reduce stress, stress: As mentioned, people who are often in a state of stress will tend to seek Friend with benefit more. After physiological needs are relieved, people's emotions are also somewhat less negative .
  • No strings attached: Young people are often afraid of the word "responsibility". But with 419, these two words do not exist because the nature of this relationship is to meet one's own needs, then there will be no longer any relationship.

2. What are the negatives of the 419 relationship?

High risk of sexually transmitted infections: You won't be able to tell if your partner has any STIs? Or you don't even know if you have it or not. So what is the solution to prevent this situation if it falls into a 419 relationship? That is the condom;

Unintended pregnancy: Both are in high demand, so it can be difficult for both of you to agree to use a condom. In addition, most people think that without using condoms, the effect of sex will be stronger. Of course the main consequence is the pregnant woman ;

Broken family: Married people also love this trend. But this is an unethical practice of the monogamous relationship in our country. So those who are married should not choose a relationship like this.

What is 419? Where does 419 come from?
What is 419? Where does 419 come from?

Is the 419 trend in men and women the same?

1. Female

In all relationships, women always suffer more than men. And of course, 419 is no exception. Women's tendency to find a "partner" One night stands is largely to fill in the voids caused by feeling too lonely or to find a stranger to vent to.

However, one study found that after the end of a one-night stand, women often feel more nauseous and even more lonely. Therefore, if you already know what the characteristics of 419 are in women, you should consider carefully if you just want to find this relationship to forget the troubles in your heart.

2. Men

Men are a different category, the concept of love and sex of men is very different from women. They always have higher physiological needs than women. So the reason they come to 419 is simply to satisfy their own carnal needs.

Therefore, the men's sweet compliments on "that night" are not trustworthy because the men's criteria for choosing For One Night subjects are not too picky. The feeling of men after finishing 419 is feeling satisfied because of being conquered as well as enhanced self-worth .

Surely through this article you have understood more about 419 as well as what this number means, right? In general, 419 is not a bad behavior, but it can have many health and mental consequences for you and those involved, so please consider this action carefully!

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