One of the great natural wonders of creation is the Dead Sea . Tourists who have once set foot here can never forget interesting things about the Dead Sea. Especially, have you ever wondered where the dead sea is, why is it called the Dead Sea, is there any creature here? Today's article will provide you with information about the Dead Sea.

Where is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea , also known as the Dead Sea, is a salt water lake located on the border between the West Bank, Israel and Jordan in the Jordan valley. (according to wikipedia)

More specifically, the dead sea has the following geographical location:

  • Located in coordinates 31°20'N 35°30'E in the Jordan basin country, Israel
  • With a maximum length of 67 km (42 mi), a maximum width of 18 m (11 mi)
  • It has a surface area of ​​810 square kilometers (Northern basin), an average depth of 120 meters (394 feet), and a maximum depth of 330 meters (1,083 feet).
Where is the Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea?
Where is the Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea?

Why is it called the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is a reservoir with the highest salinity in the world ranging from 30-40%, 10 times heavier than seawater. Its temperature ranges between 19 °C (66 °F) and 37 °C (98 °F).

It is also thought to be the lowest place on earth with a surface of 417.5 m (1,369 feet) and below sea level.

With the altitude below sea level and the salinity so great that the organism cannot survive. Just imagine that a place is a lake surrounded by only fungi and algae living with sea water, the surrounding plants are just rare or even absent. All covering it is a quiet atmosphere that can be said to be wild, deserted, lifeless, seemingly only death. And this is why it is called the Dead Sea.

The flora and fauna of the Dead Sea

Do you wonder if the flora and fauna live here? As its name itself stipulates, organisms cannot live here because the salinity is too great (30-40%). Even so, a very small amount of bacteria and mold can survive.

Because the salinity is too high, when the fish that follow the Jordan River swim into the Dead Sea, they will die very quickly even though the fresh water is mixed with the salt water of the Sea. But because the mixing process can't happen immediately, sometimes freshwater floats indefinitely on the surface of the Dead Sea. This means that fish can survive in the water at the top of the Dead Sea's surface but die within a few days.

Although it is called the Dead Sea, there is still life rekindled here. When the salt content in the sea is as low as 30% or during the rainy winters, the Dead Sea is temporarily alive. One can find a lot of algae here.

In addition, people have also discovered many animals living in the mountains along the Dead Sea such as camels, wild goats, rabbits, jackals, foxes, leopards or apricots. These animals are being protected by Jordan and Israel. The region is also home to hundreds of species of birds, large and small.

So the Dead Sea isn't all about death, is it? It still has life, even if it is only a small one. So it needs protection from the government of Jordan and Israel and everyone.

Where is the Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea?
Where is the Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea?

The fun of the Dead Sea

Don't think that the name Dead Sea is scary, gloomy because there are many other interesting points.

One of the outstanding interesting points is that you can't swim but you can't drown. It's a surprise, isn't it? Because the salinity of the water is too high (30-40%, higher than sea water), the density of seawater is higher than that of the human body. This is exactly why a person can float on the surface of water like wood.

  • However, the dangerous work is also recommended by the Israeli government. You can float on the water but it can be dangerous even drowning. It sounds ridiculous, but the amount of water makes it difficult for you to move your body. So if you are not careful you will be submerged in water

With a mild sunny climate, the Dead Sea is the destination of vacations for tourists. It deserves to be a wonder of nature.

The salt here is very bitter, unlike normal table salt. Used in the treatment of dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, cellulite, boils... Water also helps reduce stress, is suitable for exfoliation and cures arthritis, sinusitis.

There is an unusual phenomenon in the Dead Sea, which continuously produces asphalt. The ancient Egyptians used to take tar from the Dead Sea for mummification. This phenomenon led the ancient Greeks to call the Dead Sea the Asphalt lake.

Do you wonder where the water in the Dead Sea leads? The answer is no, because the surrounding area is closed, only water from rivers and streams flows into the lake.

The Dead Sea is also mentioned a lot in the bible. Accordingly, King David once lived nearby.

Situation in the Dead Sea

Currently, the Dead Sea is in danger of shrinking. A Dead Sea we once knew will be gone, even if it hasn't completely disappeared.

Every year a large amount of water from the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea. But now this amount of water is being affected by the excessive exploitation of countries, leading to the area being shrinking. The name Dead Sea is in danger of following its inherent name.

As a natural wonder of the world, Jordan and Israel are making great efforts to find solutions to protect the Dead Sea. One of the options is that according to Jordan's needs, Israel will consider building a canal connecting the Red Sea (Red Sea) to lead water into the Dead Sea. The plan was to pump water from the tunnel 120 meters (400 feet) up to Arava/Arabah at Aqaba or Eilat, then channel the water through the canal so that it flows from 1700 ft (520 m) into the Dead Sea. It is also planned to build a desalination plant in Jordan.

The Dead Sea is an exciting destination where there are many interesting and unexpected things. To this day, both Jordan and Israel are still making great efforts to protect the Dead Sea. At the same time, find investment sources for the construction of water channels. In general, there has also been an improvement.


Where is the Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea?
Where is the Dead Sea? Why is it called the Dead Sea?

Things to try when visiting the Dead Sea

1. Swimming in the sea

  • Of course, because the water of the Dead Sea is so good for our health . If you've had a tiring time of the year.
  • Try traveling to Jordan and immerse yourself in this salt water! All you need to do is pick up a newspaper or a favorite book and drop yourself in the sea. The salinity of the water will make you float without the need for a float.

2. Spa with mineral mud

  • Mineral mud of the dead sea is extremely good! Spreading a little mineral mud on your face and hands and feet will help you feel relaxed. And bring smooth, healthy skin that is not inferior to the spa. It has even become a major center of health research and treatment because of its amazing uses.

3. Sunbathing

  • Another special thing is that the sun at the Dead Sea is very good for your health. It is thanks to the low rate of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight (low UV). And high barometric pressure (due to its low position) leads to positive health effects.
  • If you have the opportunity to go to the Dead Sea, try to relax on the beach! Warm sunshine and beneficial bacteria will help you to be full of life!

4. Seo is fat with the sand dunes

  • The salt dunes floating in the sea have been a long-standing feature of this sea. It is because of the high salinity that salt can float in the middle of the sea.
  • They form funny white shapes. Visitors who love to live virtual can freely pose 7749 cool designs next to them.

So you know where the Dead Sea is, why is it called the Dead Sea ? You will never be able to forget once you set foot here.

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