Today, human gender is always a hot topic of discussion. In it, the questions often mentioned are: What is Gei? Are Gay and Gei the same?.... So do you want to find the exact answers to the above questions? If yes, don't miss the article below!

What is Gei?

Gei is a slang word used to refer to those who are Female but like Females. Or simply put, women like women. When defining like that, many people think: So it's similar to Les! However, do not confuse these two terms.

Les is a word used to refer to lesbians . That is, they only like women based on gender. Not so with Gei. Gei is still a normal girl and still likes men of the male gender. However, for some reason they are attracted to women. Maybe it's because the female friend is so beautiful, has an outstanding appearance that makes them instantly attracted and liked when it's Gei.

When it comes to Gei, people often have a playful and gentle nuance, not disdain or disapproval. Gei has no effect on gender and has no other consequences. So are Gei and gay the same thing? Continue to follow the article to get the answer!

What is Gei? Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?
What is Gei? Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?

Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?

In fact, when people hear the term Gei, people mistake it for Gay. Since these two terms have similar pronunciation, it is difficult to distinguish them. However, they are not actually the same thing.

1. How is gay different from gei?

  • Gay is an English word for the third gender. This word refers to gay men. It means that men like men.
  • Gay is transliterated as gei. It is this that creates confusion in Vietnamese.
  • For example, gay is the English word for gay men or Vietnamese call it veal.
  • And the female gei usually, normally likes boys, temporarily likes girls.

2. How is Les different from gei?

  • Les is the word for lesbian. It means that women like women for a long time. The tendency to like the opposite sex has changed.
  • Les can both like women and like les.
  • And gei is a short-term female object. There are many relationships of this type.
What is Gei? Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?
What is Gei? Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?

Is it called GEI if you like both Men and Women at the same time?

After defining “What is a Gei?” , many people often think that Gei means both like men and like women. However, this is not the case.

Gei only refers to girls who momentarily like other girls. It's just a temporary state, not a permanent one. As for the fact that both liking women and liking men for a long time is not called Gei. So do we have a name for this situation?

Usually, people will use the word "Bisexual" to refer to people who both like men and like women for a long time, without change. In Vietnam, young people often call it "bisexual". Specifically, bisexual people have both love and sex with both male and female genders. Unlike Gei, they only like women but do not engage in sex.

In particular, Bisexual appears in both boys and girls. And the ratio of Bisexual girls and boys is not too different. This is also the cause of many consequences after marriage. Typically, they all have unhappy married lives. With this information, let's not mistake Gei for both liking boys and girls!

What is Gei? Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?
What is Gei? Are Gei and Gay, less the same thing?

Signs to identify secret Gei people

Unlike Gay, Les or Bisexual, Gei is difficult to recognize. Because this situation is only temporary, not long-lasting, so many times, we cannot detect Gei.

Here, we will reveal to you some common signs of Gei:

  • Or comment on other girls: Women often judge and comment on other girls. However, when they comment too much and openly admire them with great frequency, you should be suspicious. For the most part, Gei people will be impressed by beautiful girls.
  • Regularly meet women when going out: In life, it is very normal for girls to meet and chat with each other. However, if that girl is attentively observing another girl. Likes to sit near a pretty girl or like to hold hands… then she's most likely a closed Gei.
  • Suddenly cold to her boyfriend when another girl appears: Especially girls with a lovely and lovely appearance.

Of course, those signs cannot be 100% correct in all Gei cases. There are situations where the Gei are extremely secretive and hard to detect.

Above is all useful information related to Gei that you can refer to. So with our article, you already know what Gei is ? If you want to learn more about LGBT community information , you can check it out here.

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